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Curation Cloud and Smart Content Profit

Greetings to you and the wonderful Support team @ the OSM Family... I was asked by Richard to Raise A Ticket to get these Done for me Just as you promised me with Curation Cloud that you will give me all upgrades if I purchase Monetization but I've decided to purchase Smart Content Profit because you said you'll give me all Upgrades for both Curation Cloud and Smart Content Profit in other for you to Help Support my Online Ventures.... Please I want to ask that you help me because I had to go through Menial Job just for me to get this funds so I can make this purchase to take my business to the next level as am currently not employed and I need help plus the only way am sure of doing this is to get these tools and Join the OMS Team... Sir I want to use this opportunity to say a Big Happy Birthday once more to you..... Please

Is curationcloud currently offline?

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Yes it's Offline.... What's the Challenge and hope it will be up again..
Curation Cloud is Offline.. Hope this issue can be resolved immediately...?
Curation Cloud is no longer Coming up.. What's the Challenge with it.. About Linking it up with my UAS and Setting up some Contents but I get to find out that it's not Working anymore.. The App is Down...

where is it?

What happened to Curation Cloud? Abandoned? 

I believe it will be resolved.. maybe it's just a matter of time

It's been months and no word. Been F'd over once again.

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